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Thanks for checking us out! We are a merry band of insurgent harmoneers. Our focus is to disarm

the conventional mindset and the mundane by creating an engaging atmosphere of harmony. Our audiences are riveted in communion and uplifted in vibrational alignment. We include our listeners in a sonic environment of blended chords supporting familiar melodies of favorite songs. We appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to extemporize and join with individuals in creating multiple part harmonies to their favorite songs while they sing their solo with backup vocals!

We believe in the power of the Guerilla Action to create a positive anarchy, a gentle disorder, an unexpected re-balancing of the moment in favor of friendship and community building.

CALL OR EMAIL: Jim Paschal 707 529 3573; [email protected] for bookings, meeting dates or more info.

We enjoy ourselves whenever we play at harmonizing. Our sound is a blending of our distinctly unique voices and the strengths we offer merging into a mellow, soulful harmony. We have no limits when it comes to material and we offer selections in Gospel, Doo Wop, Pop and Barbershop. We take on material we love including Beatles, Merle Haggard, Roy Orbison, Eagles, Little Richard, Billy Joel and the Mamas And Papas to name a few.

Thank you, Gaia's Garden.

We appreciate all of the Monthly Guerillacapella open mic's at Gaia's Gardens in Santa Rosa. We no longer perform there, but the spirit of harmony flows on. 

Harmony is a very special place for us. It represents all the best qualities of community and co-creativity in cooperation. We have been performing for Residential Care Homes in Sonoma County and now we are hosting our first concert. We really appreciated the numbers of our friends and fans who showed up for our Open Mic gatherings at Gaia's Garden. Singers presented heartfelt renditions of favorite songs or spoken word poetry.,

A June tune from Ann Marie.

Sara Bates with an original composition

Community Choirs and Choral Events

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One Heart Choir:

Love Choir:

Vox Populi:

Song of Sonoma:

Redwood Empire Chordsmen:

Wings of Glory:

Calling All Choir:

have a choir, group or event you want to add? email [email protected]

Our November Open Mic was visited by some regulars and some new voices on our stage. Take a look at the Photo Gallery. Our next gathering will be December 7th.

Lauren's beautiful Celtic song: haunting and romantic

Susan Church goes into performance mode. And check these photos: